15.09.09 Aas-Jakobsen AS designs E18 Bjørvika, phase 2                                     The Aas-Jakobsen /ViaNova network have been awarded the construction schedule planning for E18 Bjørvika, phase 2. The project includes the roads in Bjørvika that will be established after the main traffic through Oslo is moved to the new submerged tunnel also designed by Aas-Jakobsen.

The main elements in the project are:

  • The new access to Oslo from E18 south, Haakon Vs street.

  • Dronning Eufemias street that is the main street in the suburb with a width of 43 meters and 800 meters length. The street is because of poor ground conditions planned as a concrete slab piled to rock.

  • Bridge in Dronning Eufemies street above new route from Akerselva.

  • The removal of Bispelokket and parts of Nylandsveien as well as a new bridge for Nylandsveien with a length of 130 m.

Included in the contract is coordination towards many developers in the area as well as assistance in the building period.

The work will be conducted in coorperation with Dronning Landskap, Heyerdahls Arkitekter, Sweco, ECT and Niku. 

From the network will the following contribute: Aas-Jakobsen, ViaNova, Elektronova and GeoVita.